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Is your child begging to have one of those new photo booths added to their next birthday party? The Flash Mob can run to your rescue with a photo booth at Southern Highlands. The unit fits right into the contemporary party location as a full-size mirror or something that looks like it might be a robot. The creative design and voice invites party guests to walk right up, swipe, touch, and take a pic perfect for printing or sharing.

Turn the Party Up with Photo Booth Hire Near Me

How can you give a contemporary twist to your shindig? Use our photo booth hire near me and provide a distraction to your crowd that will have everyone buzzing. Guests can add silly hats, glasses, smiles, emoji, or even write on their selfies before having the pic printed or stored digitally for sharing with all their friends. These new style of photo booths allow group photos, too, as there is no cubicle or curtain to prevent one more from fitting into the frame. Users see the reflection of the image on the screen, so they see exactly how the image will look.

Fun Backgrounds, Interactive Menu, Easy to Use

Even your grandparents will be laughing while taking a selfie! The voice automated system provides clear directions with an interactive menu that points you to the next screen. Since you rent the unit by a set time, the printed pics and shared images are all provided to your guests at no cost to them. You can even choose to add backgrounds that reflect the type of party, dream location, or spirit of the celebration.

Click through our booking page and check the date of your party for availability. The Flash Mob brings the photo booth to the party location, sets it up, stocks it with ink and paper, and provides support for the length of the rental. Reserve your booth today!